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For any UPDATE operation the array returned will have the following elements: Array( [Rows matched] = "Zero indicates that no records where updated for an UPDATE statement, no rows matched the WHERE clause in the query or that no query has yet been executed."what if i need to know which one of the three occurred?

It's dumb that there is no distinction between the three.

This parameter works only if a "redir" property was informed.

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This macro must be used by one application to modify the properties of another application. 1: Forces the "my_form" application to start in the addition mode.sc_apl_conf("my_form", "start", "new"); Ex.

2: Doesn't allow the "my_form" application make addition of new registers.sc_apl_conf("my_form", "add", "off"); Ex.

Hi, I am having difficulties with the Business Event System (BES). Or to another system (like headquarter which has several branches) located in different location? We can subscribe to any of this events depending on our need with our custom workflow.

Actually, I've read the Oracle documentation about BES. There are little documentation about the BES, and I still get blank point. Or to another database service in the same computer (perhaps ORCL and ORCL2)? Whenever this event is generated, our workflow will be executed.

Or the BES itself is a PL/SQL which is inside a procedure or function or trigger (used to manipulate the database)? What does the Events received from external system is? If it is True, so the workflow process could be start using an e-mail? There is also a documentation stated that the Event can be raised using the PL/SQL WF_EVENT. The Event also could be launch using the Workflow Home Page (Workflow monitor) in Event link? We have to create a custom workflow of our own and has to execute along with the standard workflows to get the things done.

Is it use to start the Workflow Background Engine periodically? Sometimes, these standard functionalitites done by these workflows will not satisfy our entire customer problem.

PLEASE I NEED SOME ADVICE Hi sir, i just view the video about how to add,edit,save,delete,and search.. Do you have time to share some codes/programs using VB2008 as I am using it now. I want to ask that how the data is view through the list view. The problem is that, "I can only save the records into one table and the other table is empty.".

Close() Msg Box("Successfully updated") Else Msg Box("Please complete the form") End If MY CODE IN UPDATING IT WORKS BUT THE PROBLEM IS ALL ROWS WERE UPDATED AND CHANGES EVERYTHING.. It's been a while since I coded something and that was VB6 then. My email: yan(at)yanspeaks(dot)com Thank you kabayan! hi, your source code is very userful as im making a project in vb.net2008 with access really very u plz upload the coding of granting the permisiion of different user for accessing the software or data or it send on my id [email protected]' Thanx, Regards, Sandeep hi, Thanx for the replied. aguirre i have two tables using acces database and i need to insert the same records in that two particular tables.

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There is a statement from the "Feature Overview Oracel9i Application Server : Oracle Workflow" (from Oracle site) "Business event messages from Oracle Workflow can be placed on or received from Oracle9i Advanced Queues, providing support for Oracle Net as well as HTTP and HTTPS communication protocols." and "The Business Event System uses Oracle Advanced Queuing to propagate messages between communication points on systems, called agents, using a specified protocol. BES is quite useful to link our custom workflows with standard workflows.

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