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Peer Trainees conduct weekly street outreach and syringe exchange, and provide health education and social service referrals to their peers who use drugs or engage in sex work so that they can live healthier and more stable lives.Upon completion of UPRISE, Peers become exceptionally active in empowering their communities to respond to inequities in public benefits administration, homelessness and affordable housing provision, substance use treatment, and discriminatory law enforcement and the criminal justice process.The paper discusses the methodological difficulties of assessing how involvement in such a programme impacts on peer educators.

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Research shows that peer educators make a lasting impact in their communities. “We have had our own youth advocacy program for a few years, and decided to implement Teen Council because we are tired of reinventing the wheel!

When students see a peer presenting about social situations and pressures with confidence and knowledge, they listen. Working with PEI has provided us with access to 20 years-worth of experience, materials, and support to start our own successful program.

We started Teen Council in 2011-2012 and are growing in numbers and reach in year two.

We literally could not have done it without the expert TA, training curriculum to use with the peer health educators and last but not least the training for our facilitators.

Our teens also love knowing that they are becoming part of a bigger national program and hearing about the work of other TC groups.” Interested in learning more about how Teen Council works?

Fill out the contact form below to download our free program guide introduction, complete with a sample lesson plan and more information.

The RIPPLE study is a randomized controlled trial of peer-led sex education in English secondary schools.

In 1997, 27 schools were recruited and randomly allocated to a programme of peer-led sex education or to act as control schools.

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