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Listen to freely downloadable audio sermons by the speaker Paul Washer in mp3 format.Brother Washer is the founder of Heart Cry Missionary society that funds and supports indigenous missionaries all across the world.Well-known on the internet for the audio and video message: "Shocking Message to Youth" he has been an in-demand speaker for many conventions and gatherings.

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Videos include Martin convincing Cody he had been adopted out to another family, pushing him and bloodying his nose (Martin claimed the blood was fake), smashing Cody's X-box with a hammer, accusing Cody of spraying his room with ink when he didn't and yelling and swearing at him.

Often Cody ends up red faced, crying, screaming, or throwing things out of frustration. 'I hate my life just kill me,' he cries after his father harangues him.

The children were the 'stars' or 'victims' depending on who you ask of popular You Tube channel Daddyo Five, which has 760,000 subscribers.

The videos often showed father Martin 'pranking' his youngest child, Cody, in a series of incidents that many in the You Tube community have been calling abusive for several months.

In this fool-headed video washer condemns the Romans Road (that is, showing a person how to be saved from Scriptures in the book of Romans). Washer calls it a manipulative practice, just like Ray comfort does.

Washer denounces conservative soul-winning Baptist evangelists as being stupid (and that's the exact word he uses in the following quote)...

Usually while the father torments Cody, an older brother films the action for the channel.

An online petition drew almost 19,000 signatures to get CPS to investigate the family. A cottage industry of You Tubers criticizing the videos had sprung up, with You Tuber Philip De Franco one of the most vocal critics of the Martins' parenting style.

How dare we, all these stupid evangelists walking around telling men after they've made some little prayer that they need to write their name in the back of their Bible, and put the date and if the Devil ever comes to them, they need to show him that. Paul Washer is a dangerous religious teacher, who has corrupted the gospel of Jesus Christ (2nd Corinthians 11:3-4). Galatians 1:6, I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel.

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