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No longer do surfers have to rely on inaccurate weather reports or word of mouth; with our live streaming cams, you can see current surf conditions at many of your favorite breaks without a wasted trip in the car.

Swell Magnet’s surf reports also provide useful information on prevailing winds, water temperatures, and weather conditions that influence the ocean’s waves.

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Peek in on surf using our HD streaming service at the world-famous Huntington Beach pier, or head north on the California coast to Capitola Beach.

Check out the wave conditions at famous Hawaiian surf breaks like Banzai or Waimea Bay, or zip down to South America to the surfing hotspot of Punta Roca, El Salvador.

Found all over the world, there are roughly 200 different species of owls.

Swell Magnet offers surfers and beach enthusiasts a live, real-time, and FREE look at surf conditions on beaches all over the world.

About owls With their all-knowing eyes and keen sense of surroundings, it is not hard to see how revered owls have become as symbols of wisdom.

But not only are owls seen as symbolically important, owls have become incredibly important to the ecosystem by maintaining the rodent population.

Found in grasslands and open forests throughout North America, Europe, and parts of Asia, Long-eared Owls have bright yellow-orange eyes and buffy orange facial disks, black bills, and white to buffy chest feathers with brown streaking and barring.

Equipped with acute hearing for night hunting Long-eared Owls are primarily nocturnal, spending their time on the wing in search of small mammals.

Housewife Tamra Barney is really the only member of the show that gets any tabloid exposure, and the media has been reporting for months now that Tamra and her hubby Eddie are getting a divorce. Bravo didn’t even invite Eddie to the reunion because there was no drama to hash out between him and his wife or any of the other cast members.

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