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I will describe a means for developing a fully feminine enunciation. In our culture, certain words are almost exclusively reserved for males and others for females.

I will cover some of these and show you how to be on the lookout for more.But we shall see that the actually difference in pitch between the sexes in minimal.In fact, the overlap of range between the sexes allows for almost ANY individual to fall well within accepted norms of pitch.Dynamic Range describes the difference between the highest highs and the lowest lows that a person uses while speaking.Men use a very narrow dynamic range, even though they are quite capable of extending that range. In contrast, women use a much WIDER dynamic range, which is what gives their voices more of a "sing/song" effect. Just as one might do a dialect, there is a female dialect that transcends languages and cultures. That's all good, but how do we check if the person is on the list? Rather than having the user names as values in the table, you can use them as keys. Character' is how we get the player's character, which is what you find in Workspace and what you see everytime you go into a game.

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