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Click Configuration Information as shown in Figure 4. Opening Communicator Configuration Information In the Office Communicator Configuration Information dialog box (Figure 5), verify that the URL provided by in-band provisioning, which is in the URL Internal From Server field, is the correct URL for your installation. Verify URL Internal From Server If the URL configured by in-band provisioning is correct, why is address book synchronization not configured?

The reason is likely that Communicator defaults to high security mode for address book download.

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A person's presence is determined by a collection of attributes that describe the person's status, activity, location, willingness to communicate, and contact information.

Presence information helps you to contact others and helps others to reach you.

Unfortunately all Lync accounts created are not synchronised with our Active Directory accounts, so the usual feature of Lync's presence being updated based on Outlook availability does not work.

I remember in a previous life being able to add keywords into a meeting such as [In a Meeting] in a calendar's topic and it would update communicator's status.

"Outlook Integration Error" As the error suggests, Communicator is unable to connect to Outlook.

Side effects of this include being unable to search for Outlook contacts in Communicator, reverse number lookup failing for Outlook contacts when making a phone call in Communicator, presence not lighting up in Outlook, and others.You look at her status in your Contact List and see that the contact is available.You could walk down the hall and talk to the person face-to-face, but you notice the person’s location indicator and personal note indicates the person is working at home, so you decide to send an instant message to the contact instead.Clicking the button opens a list of errors and other notifications.Common causes of the red exclamation point are missed calls/instant messages, Outlook integration errors, address book synchronization errors, or not having a correct Autodiscover record.There are a couple of things to try that might fix the problem: "Address Book Synchronization Error" If you have no idea what ABS is, then it’s probably a good thing because you’ve likely never encountered this error.

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