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These sources then were augmented by samples from frozen remains of an Inuit woman who succumbed to the flu in 1918 and was buried in permafrost at Brevig Mission on the Seward Peninsula of Alaska's western coast, not far from the Bering Strait.This nameless woman has left an indelible mark on world medical history (3).

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Since then, selection has been driven by immunological escape, with these changes corresponding to restricted antigenic diversity in the virus population.

We also show that H1N1/2009 viruses have been subject to regular seasonal bottlenecks and a global reduction in antigenic and genetic diversity in 2014.

The folly of flu virulence remains our chagrin, because the threat always looms over us that this family of viruses, endemic in birds, again may generate human-lethal gene reassortments.

We had valid scares about that contingency with the appearance of H5N1 variant flu in Hong Kong just 3 years ago.

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The 1918–1919 pandemic of H1N1 virus influenza was the greatest acute plague of the 20th century.

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