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He strangled seven of his victims, and gave enough cocaine to another to kill her.But what turned this popular boy with a happy childhood into a brutal rapist and killer?Your website manager will manage your mailing list, such as verify your clients' email address and cell phone number for SMS updates.

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Born on 8 July 1966, Bright had a content upbringing.

At school, he played football and was popular with the girls. At 19, he was arrested for vehicle theft and burglary and served two years in prison.

That was a good thing for the former Syracuse University runner.

The Geneva native ended up winning the race, which previously was held in the evening, by almost 20 seconds with his finishing time of .47.

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The race was not held last year because of bad weather.

On Saturday, Nelson took the lead right away, and his advantage was never threatened by any of the other runners. “It’s a little difficult pacing, because I’m much more of a track guy,” Nelson said. With it being a straightaway, you can get a little foot complacent when you’re all alone.

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