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Further, I explained, some scholars regularly pay even more to have their work appear in print—from mandatory association membership fees to the ,000 it takes to get your work out from behind a paywall so that more than three people can read it.

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In October of last year German publisher Axel Springer banned adblocking users from the popular Bild news website; in December Forbes put in mechanisms to impede content access to adblocking users; in February of this year Wired instituted adblock ban techniques; and in October of 2015 the City AM financial news website likewise ‘scrambled’ content for adblockers.

In all cases the warnings presented to the user instructed them to whitelist the site in their adblocker – or go away.

For news publishers the world is constantly ending – not only in over-caffeinated headlines but behind the scenes too.

It’s always been so, from Gutenberg to Wapping riots to the internet and the painful conversion from print to digital.

Users are now accusing Photobucket of extortion, as the service failed to make the update to its terms of service abundantly clear.

It all began last week when Photobucket announced in a short blog post that it had updated its terms of service that had begun taking effect from June 20th.

Academic publishing is a strange phenomenon, one that normal people—who might assume, for instance, that people generally get paid for doing what they do professionally—often misunderstand. “I hear that all the time,” he said, “but I don’t get it. Like, will you get paid so much when it comes out that you can support yourself? So then, inquired my friend, would this article save me from perishing?

Back in graduate school, I met for tea one day with an old friend from New York, and mentioned my stress about completing some exacting revisions on what would end up as my first journal article. “Being in print will help me get a job,” I answered, with the misplaced confidence only a graduate student can display.

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In all cases there are various tricks, including the use of ‘reading’ mode and private browsing, which allow users to get round the blocks; but I thought it might be interesting to see how the sites in question are faring in the wake of their adblock ‘blockades’, according to internet monitoring service Alexa.

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