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The prospect of having to find the money to pay for expert reports and the risk of having to meet the other side’s costs is sufficient to force many accident victims to accept inadequate out of court offers settlement.

With Compensate you can afford to use the leading experts who will help you win your case.

You can also ask them their name if you like and they'll tell you their first name.

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This is where someone friendly will ask if you want to speak to a counsellor.

If you log in for a 1-2-1 counsellor chat online, you might wait a little while before being connected with a counsellor. We know it can sometimes be scary talking to counsellors. You might be unsure about what to say or how they'll react. They're a bunch of different people, some old and some young.

Please click on the links below for more information, on several links you will be taken to a dedicated website for detailed advice and assistance.

When you call us on 0800 1111 you’ll come through to our switchboard.

Basically, is one of those online dating sites that tends to attract a much younger crowd.

Most of the singles here tend to go all the way up to late thirties, and possibly early forties.

Our philosophy is to always maintain a dedicated and friendly attitude offering expert legal advice to resolve disputes quickly and maximise compensation.

Unlike many law firms, we only act for Claimants and not insurance companies or banks.

But this could be less or more depending on what help you need.

Formerly a Facebook application, Zoosk is now a successful online chat and flirt site with 1,000,000 UK members who login daily.

In addition, if you raise court proceedings against the person who caused your injury and the action does not succeed, you may become liable for your opponent’s legal costs.

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