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Only the NIS master can update the databases; although the slaves share the information, they only share the information sent to them (or downloaded) from the NIS master.NIS clients contact an NIS slave, or the NIS master, when they want to resolve a particular piece of information.

Centrally locating this data makes it easier to administer large networks.

Naming services are fundamental to any computing network.

Among other features, naming service provide functionality that does the following.

A network information service enables machines to be identified by common names instead of numerical addresses.

This chapter also briefly describes in brief the Solaris naming services: DNS, NIS, NIS and LDAP naming services. Naming services store information in a central place, which enables users, machines, and applications to communicate across the network. Without a central naming service, each machine would have to maintain its own copy of this information.

naming service information can be stored in files, maps, or database tables.

The typical UNIX® administrator has a key range of utilities, tricks, and systems he or she uses regularly to aid in the process of administration.

There are key utilities, command-line chains, and scripts that are used to simplify different processes.

This file should contain one entry, the full qualified domain name of the administrative domain to which the local host's network belongs.

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