Newegg tracking not updating

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Ship Works uses your Seller ID and Secret Key to connect to the Newegg marketplace.

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I figured Newegg would live up to these standards as they always have in the past.

So I placed the order on 9/23, last Friday Morning nice and early (10AM) knowing the rush processing would get through and they'd at least get the shipment out the door and moving.

i ordered cpu 3 months ago and it was still using UPS as a shipper. I've two packages shipped around the same time, one was given free priority, and I got both packages within one day of each other. Talk to people that receive a lot from them, and you'll hear about bizarre stories of expensive items left on recipients driveways, out by the road.

Depending on where you live, and the time of year ground can arrive just as fast as if you paid for 2 day, or priority.

I'd probably see the M.2 drive on Monday or Tuesday the latest. That shouldn't even take a full day to make it to the distribution center here!

To my amazement I got the Fed Ex tracking # a few hours later and the estimated delivery was Saturday (9/24) and the package had been picked up and delivered to Fed Ex in Indianapolis, IN at 8PM Friday night. Well, needless to say Saturday came and went with no drive being delivered and zero updates being reflected in the tracking.Over the past several years, we have assisted many customers how to properly configure Finale to properly update stock quantities to their selling channels.We sometimes field calls from customers stating the most of their marketplaces or shopping carts SKUs are being updated with the correct stock quantities, but a few SKUs are not being updated by Finale.Ship Works connects directly to your Newegg Marketplace US, Newegg Markeplace Canada or Newegg Business account. Next, enter your Seller ID and Secret Key into the provided fields and click Next.7. Select how much order history you would like to download into Ship Works during your initial download.With one click, or on an automated schedule, your orders are downloaded from Newegg Marketplace. On the Manage Stores screen, click on the Add Store button.4. On the Download Criteria screen, select whether or not you wish to download orders that are fulfilled by Newegg into Ship Works. If you wish for orders fulfilled by Newegg to not be downloaded, check the box for Do not download orders that are fulfilled by Newegg. On the Store Information screen, enter your store name and address information. Enter the additional Contact Information: for your store. The default is to download 30 Days of order history into Ship Works. Your Newegg orders will begin to download into Ship Works automatically.If there is no mapping, then Finale will not update the stock level for a given marketplace.

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