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Pilot Flying J is honoring mothers on PFJ’s social media platforms by highlighting three of the hardest-working moms on the road and surprising them with gift cards to its network of travel centers. Moms who take advantage of the promotion at Pilot Flying J Travel Centers can enjoy seven delicious coffee blends from top regions around the world like Colombia, Indonesia and Brazil.

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The year was 1970, and Glenn Campbell was one of America’s biggest stars, country or otherwise: …One afternoon I had an urgent need to go to the bathroom, so my uncle […] Woof woof woof!

Er…I mean, chew on this: A study published Monday in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests the way a puppy’s mother raises it may be the key to the dog’s success, or failure.

A research team at the University of Pennsylvania found that puppies destined for guide dog training are more likely to […] This is a topic covered often by commenter Donald Christensen, who points out that repetition turns into belief. — our brains soak it up and eventually incorporate it as “The way things are.” This brilliant short […] This remarkable piece in The Atlantic by psychologist Jean Twenge looks at the emotional demographics of Millennials.

So when the media repeat the same type of stories day after day — murder! She has been doing generational research for 25 years, and writes that: Typically, the characteristics that come to define a generation appear gradually, and along a continuum.

To get their free cup, moms can just display an online coupon available at Pilot Flying J’s Facebook page at the time of purchase in-store. Well, whether it’s standard procedure or improvisation by the troopers, the point was to set up a rolling road block behind a runaway rig that’s the unwitting star of this Dash Cam of the Week....

By Sean Dowling (Buzz60) All eyes are on a baby koala in California, who has just left her mother's pouch for the first time!

The company also noted that users in the United States can start a fundraiser or donate to a cause in honor of their mother.

According to Facebook, people thanking their mothers “drove more posts in one day than any other topic on Facebook, with more than 105 million Mother’s Day posts” in 2016.

These hard-working moms on the road were also submitted to the 2016 Road Warrior Contest by their children. Ah the cabover tractor; a nickname derived from its more officious body style designation as a cab over engine (COE), cab forward, or forward control (a term used in the U. As we all know it is a body style of truck that sports a vertical front or "flat face," with the cab of the truck sitting above (or forward of) the front axle, right over the engine.

Pilot Flying J also is treating all moms to one free cup – at any size – of Pilot Coffee from May 14 through May 20. It’s a style of truck that’s largely been consigned to trucking’s history in the U. Why, you might ask, would a highway patrol car in Mexico be driving down the freeway with both doors open?

The little joey's appearance has been a long time coming at the San Diego Zoo.

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