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Cependant, ils devront affronter de nombreux obstacles qui se dresseront contre leur union. Et, Jin Zi Cong sera-t-il capable de vivre en voyant la femme qu'il aime, aimer un autre homme? Parce que malgré un scénario de base qui aurait pu être interessant, c'est d'une telle lourdeur!

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My feeling change when I watched The Journey of Flower. I watched the ending episode 3 times now and I am still crying during a certain scene.. But for those who have watched it, I think you know which one I am talking about…

This is nothing compare to Love from Another Star…. It’s less than the Chinese / Taiwan drama because I think this year Chinese Mainland is Q1 rising star!!! For you drama lovers who have not watched this, I recommend you to START WATCHING IT NOW! Even back in the days, I skipped to watch interesting dramas if I saw him as a lead actor.. Maybe I got too carried away when he ditched Dong Fai Bu Bai…

ETC...) s'enchaînent, s'accumulent, forment même des épisodes pendant qu'on y est!!

C'est bien kawaii les regards et tout ça au début mais au bout d'un moment, qu'est ce que c'est énervant!! J'ai regardé ses performances dans Bull Figting et c'était d'un genre.

Wu Chun lived up to his reputation of having a polite demeanour during his interview with xinmsn with occasional laughs and a farewell wave when it was time to go.

In short, Wu Chun was in no way similar to the arrogant wealthy second-generation character he plays in Sunny Girl.Taiwanese actress Rainie Yang stars opposite him in this series and plays the servant girl, whom he "tortured" initially but later falls in love with.He was worried initially that the actress would be cold and difficult to work with, but his fears were left unfounded.I am looking for writers to help me post album news, MV releases and lyrics for CPOP and KPOP.It is hard for me doing this all alone which you may have noticed i haven't posted any KPOP related news recently. back again to the way it was but doing this by myself is difficult.If you are willing to help me please email me @ [email protected] writing a simple message saying you want to join with your name and i'll give further details (experience is not required but preferred).

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