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But for several weeks before that, you were like the insiders who were guiding us through the Tao of Trump. Mika Brzezinski: Well, we are still insiders; we talk to everybody there.And we are still trying to guide people through it, and understand it ourselves. If you look at the campaign coverage, and you actually look at the words that Joe said, and the words that I said in the run-up to the campaign — and even in the first few weeks after the election — you will see we were incredibly tough on Trump.

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An NBC insider told us, “Everybody at 30 Rock knows they are a couple . They are each other’s publicists and finish each other’s sentences.

It’s the worst-kept secret in TV.” Brzezinski, 49, and her ex-husband, WABC Eyewitness News investigative reporter James Hoffer, who married in 1993, have undergone an under-the-radar divorce, which was recently settled, we’re told. Scarborough, 53, divorced Susan Waren, a former aide to former Florida Gov. The former couple, who have two children together, separated the previous year.

Below, in edited remarks, Scarborough and Brzezinski explain why they think the current administration will keep watching, no matter what they say on their show: Let’s address the obvious question.

In recent broadcasts, you’ve taken the president and his staff to task.

But are the co-hosts of MSNBC's politically charged morning show — liberal Mika Brzezinski, 49, and conservative Joe Scarborough, 54 — romantically involved?

They appear to take a big step toward coming out as a couple in a new interview.

This story first appeared in the March 21, 2017 issue of Variety. Do they support President Trump or oppose him, and what does that mean for how their program is perceived?

In an interview last week, Brzezinski and a vacationing Scarborough held forth, trading responses as Scarborough called in via smart phone and Brzezinski worked her way through a quick bowl of Cheerios – and then power-walked through the stairs and hallways of NBCUniversal’s New York headquarters to get back to the set.

“Morning Joe” hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough could soon go public as a couple.

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