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All this after years of Dexter's murderous scalpeling, mini-sawing and hypodermic needling. To hide his hair loss during treatment, Hall wore a knit hat at the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards last year, where he won best actor in a drama.

"I honestly don't know how these characters experience what they experience without ending up in mental institutions," Carpenter says. His cancer is now in remission and the couple is feeling better than ever, Carpenter says.

No matter how impressive their acting skills, you could be forgiven for suspecting former married couple and Dexter co-stars Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C Hall would rather be somewhere else - anywhere else.'As I’m sure you will understand, this is a very difficult and painful time for us and our families.

The 45-year-old star and Macgregor, a Los Angeles-based book reviewer and novelist, have been dating for nearly four years.

The two lovebirds made their first public appearance together on the red carpet at the 2012 Emmy Awards.

Michael Carlyle Hall (born February 1, 1971) is an American actor, known for his roles as Dexter Morgan, a serial killer and blood spatter analyst, in the Showtime TV Network series Dexter, and as David Fisher in the HBO drama series Six Feet Under.

In 2010, Hall won a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for his role in Dexter.

Though he kills according to a strict moral code, channelling his bloodthirst into justice by targeting only violent criminals, he is still genuinely unsettling early on, a monster hiding in plain sight."I don't have feelings about anything, but if I could have feelings at all I'd have them for Deb," his deadpan voiceover tells us in the pilot, introducing his adopted sister (Jennifer Carpenter), and despite Hall's affability you don't doubt him for a moment.

But as it became a runaway success for Showtime, the pressure of mainstream appeal became apparent.

“I had the luxury to really commit to my treatment,” revealed Hall. Truly that makes things a lot easier.” The 42-year-old actor began his career on the HBO series, Carpenter, 32, plays his sister, Deb, a cop who for a long while was unaware of her brother’s bloody proclivity.

After months of dating, Carpenter and Hall were married in December of 2008 and were divorced two years later, after his cancer went into remission.

They continue to play opposite each other on the show and earlier this year there were rumors of a reconciliation between the two.

“I think it’s a testament to our individual and collective commitment to the show,” said Hall about their evolving relationship.

So how did a show this good, a show this smart, a show that so fundamentally shifted the TV landscape, become so very, very bad?

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