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Anzaldúa was a descendant of many of the prominent Spanish explorers and settlers to come to the Americas in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries and also had indigenous ancestry.

Aimed at the general public, the 2-minute video clip is due to be shown throughout December and January on American Airlines flights in that airline's in-flight, business TV entertainment. Steven Feinstein commented: “Up to one-third of our patients have known or suspected cardiac shunts and, thanks to this important FDA decision, they too will now have access to ultrasound contrast agents, which offer an inexpensive and radiation-free option for diagnostic imaging.” He added, “The International Contrast Ultrasound Society applauds the FDA for its decision, and believes it will benefit individual patients as well as our healthcare delivery system.”Click here to read the full story Expert lectures on Contrast-Enhanced Ultrasound (CEUS) for hospitals, physicians, sonographers, medical insurers and the public. ICUS is pleased to note that the Mexican Federal Commission for Protection Against Sanitary Risk (COFEPRIS) has approved the contrast agent Sono Vue in Mexico for use in echocardiography and Doppler ultrasonography.

While viewers will inevitably include those in the medical profession at all levels, the video is aimed at the 'person on the street', which of course also includes all those in healthcare management, administration and supply. The FDA has approved label changes for GE Healthcare's ultrasound contrast agent Optison, removing contraindications for use in patients with cardiac shunts and for administration by intra-arterial injection. ICUS Grand Rounds is an independent educational program that features presentations and demonstrations by experts in the field of CEUS, with a special focus on clinical applications, techniques and safety. Sono Vue is produced by Bracco and will be marketed in Mexico by Justesa Imagen Mexicana, S.

LUMASON, known globally as Sono Vue®, was approved by the FDA ion October 2014 for use in adults with suboptimal echocardiograms.

A., has announced that LUMASON is now approved for use in ultrasonography of the liver for characterization of focal liver lesions in adult and pediatric patients.

Todos los días en nuestra frontera, las empresas realizan operaciones con residentes en el extranjero, principalmente de los Estados Unidos.

Ya sea que paguen honorarios por servicios profesionales, arrendamiento de equipo, intereses por préstamos recibidos, regalías por derechos de marca o cualquier otro concepto.Optison is the 1st contrast agent available in the U. We have long advocated for broader acceptance and appropriate use of ultrasound contrast agents, which have strong safety profiles and reduce overall health care costs without exposing patients to ionizing radiation. LUMASON is now the first ultrasound contrast agent to obtain FDA approval for use in liver imaging, to improve the sensitivity and specificity of ultrasonography for the differentiation between malignant and benign focal hepatic lesions.Adicionalmente es importante recordar que la LISR establece como requisito de las deducciones el cumplimiento de la obligación de retener y enterar el impuesto que corresponda por los pagos realizados e residentes en el extranjero, lo cual convierte, el cumplimiento de esta obligación, en una situación de vital importancia para la empresa.Nuestro personal técnico del departamento de impuestos estará atento en apoyarle en analizar la situación en particular de este tipo de operaciones y determinar, en su caso, si la empresa realiza correctamente la retención y/o entero del ISR, cumpliendo debidamente las obligaciones fiscales aplicables.Esto siempre que exista “Fuente de Riqueza en Territorio Nacional” que para el caso de prestación de servicios implica que el servicio se haya prestado parcial o totalmente en México.

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