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Some even say that Sonia succeeded in convincing her Husband to adopt Christianity himself and he would have converted if he was not put in a sudden situation of getting into politics.

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In a recently posted article on the official blog of François Gautier, he mentions the names of 50 people who according to him can be explained as enemies of Hindus or in some way have hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus.

Gautier further added, “Nehru had done tremendous harm to India by initiating movements and patterns, which not only did vast damage in their times but continue to survive and weigh down the Indian nation, long after their uselessness has been realized.” No doubt that Sonia brought discipline, order, and cohesion into the Congress party.

Though, since she is at the top, Christian conversions in India seem to have gone into overdrive.

پایگاه خبری چهاردانگه: شهرستان ساری با برخورداری از جاذبه های طبیعی و تاریخی از جمله پارک های جنگلی ، دریاچه ها و آببندان های طبیعی، سد سلیمان تنگه پناهگاهای حیات وحش و مجموعه های تاریخی مانند مسجد فرح آباد چشم انتظار گردشگران نوروزی استبرج سلطان زین‌العابدین با گنبد مخروطی هشت‌ترک از لحاظ نوع معماری و تزئینات کاشی کاری و درب و صندوق چوبی نفیس، جز مهم‌ترین بناهای تاریخی ساری به شمار می‌رود.

کتیه‌ها و کاشی کاری‌های آن زیبا بوده و یک مرقد دیگر در داخل بنام سلزان‌امیر شمس‌الدین می‌باشد.

Their relationships with other immigrants and with indigenous peoples have been as varied as their success in planting Islam in the religious landscape.

There have been problems with accurately documenting the earliest arrivals.

The horrors of the lives of Muslim slaves mark the first accounts, while the horrors of the lives of Muslim immigrants in the aftermath of the tragedies of September 11, 2001, mark the latest accounts.

Muslims have settled in almost every part of the Americas.

Some of the kids emerge as likable and bright, and eager to continue their work as pint-sized preachers; elsewhere, the visions of children speaking in tongues and falling to the floor in ecstasy are more troubling.

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