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With regard to the Arab Uprisings (a phrase which I prefer to the loaded “Arab Spring”), many did not hesitate to speak of their decisive role in fueling the cycle of peaceful protests.I would like to reflect here on what has become of the Tunisian youth since that country’s uprising.And in the affluent suburb of Carthage, the hip and the happening of the Tunis arts scene took refuge from the elements behind photo montages of female empowerment and impressionistic paintings of the human form.

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But, if the inner lips are so large that they are really upsetting you, it is possible to have them trimmed by a surgical operation.

Citing authorities in Tunis, Agence France Presse reports that the crocodile at Belvedere Zoo in Tunis was attacked by the group of visitors, who threw stones at the animal’s head.

Gruesome pictures of the attack’s aftermath were posted to Facebook by the municipality of Tunis, which denounced the attack as “savage behavior.” Pictures show the bloodied animal next to what appear to be a paving slab and a large rock.

The outer lips are usually fleshy, and the inner lips are usually thin but, like every other part of the body, they come in all shapes and sizes.

In some women, the inner lips are completely enclosed by the outer lips.

Because it can be misleading to think of youth as a given age group, I will rather treat them in relational terms (Emirbayer 1997), as semi-autonomous, that is as a group of people striving for their economic and social independence but still dependent or relying on family (Herrera & Bayat 2010, p. Understanding them as a group that has a tormented relationship with figures of authority, one can make sense of the headlines in recent months that Tunisia has supplied the largest number of voluntary members enrolling in the Syrian branch of Da’esh (or “Islamic State”).

A week after the end of Ramadan this summer, I traveled to Tunis and conducted interviews with young political activists to assess the re-composition and transformation of civil society in the country.

In the meantime, the parliament had passed a controversial “counterterrorism law,” criticized by most local and international human rights associations for the extra-parliamentary power it granted to security institutions.

Since the early euphoric moments of the 2011 revolts, Tunisia has been in an awkward situation: Just like life on Bourguiba Avenue, Tunisian political and social life has been bustling with activities, demonstrations, and a mingling of Tunisians, Libyans and foreign nationals.

Following the killings in the beach resort city of Sousse at the end of June, which left 38 tourists dead, the situation on the ground was still tense.

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