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You know, I was really skinny and lanky and goofy in high school and my first year of college.

One conversation topic we all need to engage with is organ and tissue donation – and this includes in the classroom – to normalise the subject as part of family discussions about end-of-life decisions.

Have you decided whether you are willing to save or transform lives as an organ and tissue donor?

A transplant can give people a second chance at life.

It can change the life of an individual, and the lives of their family, who have had to watch their loved one suffer.

NINE LIVES: PARKER: I was at UVA and we were actually about to go into the Super Regionals to play Oklahoma, so I was just hanging out in my apartment with my college buddies. NINE LIVES: PARKER: You know what, I learned so much.

We were all just hangin’ out and I didn’t even know I’d been drafted but my name popped up and my buddy noticed it first and screamed. If it wasn’t for my experience at UVA, I don’t think I ever would have had the opportunity to play professional baseball.The teen hadn’t been able to talk to anyone about how she was feeling, and now she had cut herself again, this time intending to end her life.The trained Crisis Counselor who received the text via the Hotline’s computer system responded by trying to call Brianna at the number the teen had provided. The counselor then quickly called the local police, who determined where Brianna lived and went to her home.Once there, they found the teen, bleeding from a deep cut to her arm but responsive.A rescue squad took her to the hospital, where she spent several days recovering.), we also discussed the challenges developing countries face in accessing books.

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