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At the moment we just say it's the sex that's the same and the sex that's opposite.

Everything is available to order on our sexshop, for a quick and discreet next day delivery. Couples toys are perfect to bring something fresh to your relationship.

Surprise your partner with a sensual lingerie outfit and heat up the bedroom. Browse our online store to see everything we have to offer.

Our quiet nights are Tuesday, Wednesday, and quieter days are Midday Saturday and Sunday, as most other times its very busy, even 200 guys at one time (like lunch on Fridays).

The Supportive Outpatient Treatment Program provided through BES Group & Associates/Solutions Plus is a 90 day program, meets 2 times per week on Wednesday and Friday.

We have customers who are 85 and others who are 18 years old.

We have 60kg and 300kg sized men, guys in wheelchairs, every nationality, dwarfs and giants.

We understand you’re nervous, unsure or even embarrassed!

There is nothing wrong with using a sex on premises venue, because it’s safe, clean, warm and comfortable. The main thing you need to know is that you can be comfortable no matter what your age, size or race.

Women will benefit from intimate workouts with Kegel balls.

And let's not forget sexy lingerie, sensual cosmetics, lube and sexual stimulants.

You name it, we get it at 357 🙂 After your first visit, it’s easy!

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