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Graze asked Water Drop to design and build outdoor signs for their downtown location and Drive-Thru.Together with the Graze folks, Water Drop Work Shop pulled in Douglas Gisi Metal Fab, nailed down a design, and got busy building.Once you’ve been, you will go back — you can pretty much order anything and know you will love it.

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Sometimes, they're allowed to race for themselves—when the boss crashes out, gets busted for doping or has bad legs.

On the rarest of occasions, super-domestiques clash with their captains, as Greg Lemond and Bernard Hinault had a penchant for doing. The 1994 Yoyager started Jurek’s career, but your victory in ’93 didn’t have the same effect on you. It takes a certain level of OCD, and also it takes support to get to that next level. I bought a house in Duluth when I was 22 years old. Especially at Western that year, a good friend of mine ...

One hundred and seven competitors will circle the track for one day, and whoever completes the most laps, wins. There will be no fields of wildflowers to beautify the effort, no jagged cliffs or eerie desert landscapes—all terrain the great runner has traversed before.

There will be no earthly beauty to help him forget what is at stake.

Olsen also just happens to be Jurek’s best/oldest friend and longtime pacer. I definitely helped him out and was there for him, but I'd like to think he would have won them all without me there. In the last couple years of his marriage, they'd fly me in as late as possible because his wife didn't want me around more than she had to.

an overcast, chilly day, and one of the most accomplished and confused long-distance runners in the world is preparing to run in circles for 24 hours. There is a fat man at the starting line, and a violently limping woman with what appears to be cerebral palsy.Yet I still did not experience pleasure while running. I was carrying a significant amount of extra weight at the time and just figured — well, running isn’t comfortable for people who are overweight.This isn’t a problem with my shoes, this is a problem with my ass — and that problem is that it needs to get smaller.From elegant hotels to hellholes in the field, it's one risky operation after another.1x1 -- Feb 18, 2015 -- Pilot1x2 -- Feb 25, 2015 -- Trial by Fire1x3 -- Mar 04, 2015 -- Kiss of Death1x4 -- Mar 11, 2015 -- Sixes & Sevens1x5 -- Mar 18, 2015 -- Walk with the Devil1x6 -- Mar 25, 2015 -- In Enemy Hands1x7 -- Apr 01, 2015 -- Quislings1x8 -- Apr 08, 2015 -- Into the Fire2x1 -- Jan 27, 2016 -- Creon Via London2x2 -- Feb 03, 2016 -- Night Will End2x3 -- Feb 10, 2016 -- Schein Und Sein2x4 -- Feb 17, 2016 -- Last Man, Last Round2x5 -- Feb 24, 2016 -- Nil Nocere2x6 -- Mar 02, 2016 -- Black Flag2x7 -- Mar 09, 2016 -- La Vérité Vous Rendra Libre2x8 -- Mar 16, 2016 -- Fatherland2x9 -- Mar 23, 2016 -- Butcher and Bolt2x10 -- Apr 06, 2016 -- August 19th3x1 -- Jan 11, 2017 -- Creon vs. Well, one of my favorite Walla Walla restaurants is called Graze.There is a husky middle-aged man with a back brace that contains a large American flag and a sign that says “Freedom isn’t free.” There are, as will become clear soon, self-immolating sprinters and carefree walkers, stolid joggers, and grimacing shufflers.

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