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Britain’s hundred-and-fifty-five-billion-pound deficit, at eleven per cent of G. The things that fire you up in the morning, that drive you, that you truly believe will make a real difference to the country you love.And my great passion is creating the Big Society.”The program comprises public-service reform (cutting red tape), community empowerment (transferring authority to the local level), and social action (encouraging voluntarism and philanthropy—or, to a cynical ear, getting people to do things for nothing that they used to get paid for).

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The city belonged to them, beaming its vital signs at speeds of more than fifty megabits per second to its citizens, who bunched and flowed in near-instantaneous reply.

Their smartphones were lanterns, illuminating the urban grid.

When he was in his teens, his parents sent him to Saugerties, New York, for a homestay with some acquaintances of an American they knew. This was around the time of the Atlanta Olympic Games.“What is the English for ‘female athlete’?

” he asked, wanting to be prepared to discuss current events.“ ‘Bitch,’ ” the driver said.

Bubbles within windows within browsers within screens: it was as though, through some mathematical trick, the smaller the interface the more freedom it afforded. Jimin, a computer engineer with serious eyes and a square jaw, was finishing up his degree at Seoul National University, having taken off several years to perform military service.

He had been a detection analyst, interpreting intelligence signals.

“You’ve really improved,” his roommate told him, six weeks into the term.

Among twenty-five million, they were two, speeding toward the glowing span of the Wonhyo Bridge on a warm spring night, the scooter trailing pink balloons. They were natives of the most wired city in the world, a megalopolis that is nearly twice as dense as New York but maintains the wide margins of the suburbs—roomy restaurants, boulevards lined with trees.

In response toall the crazy photoshopping celeb fails that've been in the news lately, she decided to share her own experience with the annoying trend in an epic #Throwback Thursday post. But Ashlee wasn't asked to share this cover with the lovely @ninadobrev. But basically nothing is real and we need to keep talking about it.

#TBT The time Verve Girl gave me a new face & fucked me up for a long time! When this came out a friend said to me "Don't WORRY!

, AKA, the queen bee of Degrassi High who slayed anyone in her way with her unbelievable sass? That HPV article seems way ahead of its time and VERY important.

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