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This property is located at the Hunting Island State Park in Hunting Island, South Carolina.

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The VIN on a Yamaha Rhino is etched into the frame behind a rear tire on the driver's side of the vehicle.

If you cannot find the number on the vehicle, locate the ATV's certificate of title and registration, which also lists the VIN.

*This item is for pickup only at the Hunting Island State Park in Hunting Island, South Carolina.

The winning bidder is responsible for the loading and removal of this property.

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Do not use the numbers stamped on the motor as it is only a serial number and not a VIN.

All Yamaha Rhino vehicles should have a 17-character VIN that aligns with ISO standards and describes specific characteristics of the ATV, such as the body style, engine type and assembly plant.

" The frame serial number, also known as the product identification number, which includes the model year, is located near the stern bracket.

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