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“To be honest, I really don’t even know what’s going on with it,” Molinaro told FOX411about the lawsuit Kardashian filed against Old Navy’s parent company, The Gap, last July.

“No one’s really called me and told me.” Kardashian says The Gap used her likeness (Molinaro) without her consent and tarnished her reputation to the tune of million.

From her wide, heavily mascaraed eyes to her defined cheeks to her absolute mastery of that come-hither stare, she ticks all of the key Kardashian boxes.(Photo: Instagram)And remember when Kim went through that all-neutrals phase while pregnant with baby Saint?

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From the start, she was adamant that —despite her penchant for signature eye makeup and pouty lips of Kim — she didn’t try to copy the look. )Unlike Kamilla, Kim look-alike Claire Leeson wasn’t shy about the surgery she’d had to look more like the reality star. Claire revealed that while growing up she was told she was "the ugliest thing alive” and that she “should kill” herself. While the overall look captures the spirit of Kim, however, some of the details (like her heart-shaped face) fall short of the perfection of other Kim twins.4.

“We happen to be from very similar backgrounds — I am Azeri, which borders Armenia, so I guess that played a role in our similarity,” she told People. (Hey, getting your lips “done” when you’re barely old enough to drive is very Kardashian! In fact, in July 2014, she admitted to having spent nearly $30,000 on procedures to emulate Kim’s look. Jelena Karleusa" data-reactid="131"Can you tell Jelena and Kim apart? ICYMI, back when Kim dyed her hair platinum blonde for a hot second and stepped out in an black, fur-lined coat, the Internet (almost) broke with questions of whether the reality star had ripped off Jelena’s look." data-reactid="149"This one’s a bit different — because Kim Kardashian might have copied her!

Even the term "layering" is often misunderstood by hairdressers and hair consumers alike.

This article was written to share hair secrets about what hair layering really is and tips on how to acquire the layered hairstyle of your dreams.

Reggie Bush, the NFL star who dated Kim Kardashian for many years, has now reportedly taken up with the Kim Kardashian look-alike from the Old Navy commercials.

Guess the guy really knows his type." data-title = "Reggie Bush Dating Kardashian Look-Alike From Old Navy Ads" data-categories = "adfreak" data-popup = "" data-ads = "Yes" data-company = "[]" data-outstream = "no" This is pretty funny. Her first Old Navy spot, "Super C-U-T-E" (see below), has topped the 2 million mark on You Tube, perhaps because more than a few people thought she actually was Kardashian. last year that being likened to the reality star is "extremely flattering. Quite simply, hair layering means the creation of variable lengths of strands throughout an established hair cut whether long, medium, short or mixed lengths.Although there are multiple reasons for confusion about hair layering, the key confusion is not in the actual definition but is tied to the misinterpretation of the many different ways layering can be used to alter or enhance an existing hairstyle.Reggie Bush is reportedly dating musician Melissa Molinaro, who has a more-than passing resemblance to Reggie's ex, Kim Kardashian.Melissa is best known for her Old Navy commercial, where he Kim-esque looks were used to great effect when she played a "neighborhood hotty." Reggie appeared at Melissa's birthday party, and sources say the couple has been together for a few months. They will get married soon."Just two days before they became parents, the 28-year-old pro football player had a guys night at AV Nightclub in Hollywood. before telling guests he was heading home to check on his then pregnant girlfriend.

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