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The most common place to hide drugs on this shift is behind the ballsack. They take a chunk of theirs, pull off a piece, and put it in your hands.This is the best time to find a really good deal or to get a fake pill.

I’m not saying to do this, it takes an air of confidence, and you’ll probably suck at it.

On weekends and after hours is when the B team posts the market, but these guys aren’t on a team at all. Traders include the numerous homeless on Golden Gate between Leavenworth and Jones, residents with prescriptions to opiates, clients of the surrounding methadone clinics, and past/current/future addicts hustling to get free drugs that day.

Deals arise from rookie sellers unaware of the current market price, or people selling their last pills to try and ‘get off the block’ to avoid a police bust.

Fake pills range from a vitamin hand painted with acrylics, to blood pressure medication or other medication look-alikes, to dyed baking soda packed together in a flawlessly formed pill with the correct stamping however small the writing is.

Trooper Petty made contact with the operator and passengers.

‘During the stop, evidence of illegal narcotics led to a request for a State Police K9.

Perhaps on some level the contents of these packages could be classified as medication.

But you’d be hard pushed to find these drugs on any government healthcare plan.

Police who pulled over a motorist in Northampton, Massachusetts, for traffic violations were stunned when their police dog discovered a massive haul of heroin in the vehicle.

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