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Visit the menu item Help/Check for New Version to download an upgrade* to the latest version. Have an old version - maintenance plan long ago expired? Prior method did not always display every responding DHCP server.-DNS Tools Core: Get Basic DNS Records now shows the A (IPv4) and AAAA (IPv6) records for any NS and MX responses.-Network Connection Endpoints and others depending on operating system identification: corrected problems when used on Windows 8.1.-SNMP Core and Advanced: Both tools now accept IPv6 addresses (do not include scope ID) for the target address. **Upgrade is only available to those with active maintenance plans (renewal information is here). Hostnames are now correctly added if the IP/MAC address does not exist or is changed in the IP/MAC Address Database.-DHCP Server Discovery: Revised method used for receiving and displaying DHCP Servers.

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Obviously, this is unacceptable to us and we now automate the blocking of IP addresses.

Please note that this is an automatic process and we cannot remove your IP from the blocked list manually.

The creation of this object is relatively expensive as it must read in metadata for the file. The database API supports pluggable caching (by default, no caching is performed). This is thrown when some sort of unanticipated error occurs, such as the web service returning a 500 or an invalid error document.

If the web service request returns any status code besides 200, 4xx, or 5xx, this also becomes an in a multi-threaded application, we suggest creating one object and sharing that among threads.

Incoming data no longer causes autoscrolling to the end of the data.-Updated SQLite to version 3.17.0-Updated MAC address/Manufacturer database.-Updated IP to Country database.-Updated dates to 2017 -Removed the requirement for using Visual C 2013 runtime.-ARP Scanner: new comments column.

Comments are saved by MAC address - allows you to add a friendly name of the target or something more descriptive than the IP address.-ARP Scanner, Promiscuous Mode Scanner, ARP Ping, Duplicate IP Scanner now have improved checks to confirm target is on same subnet as the outgoing interface.

Heading columns now shown on opening of previously saved XML results.

Added three (3) new optional user defined OIDs to retrieve - press Settings to add them. Improved retrieval of SNMP data after initial scan is complete.-Get Best Route IP Helper API function stopped working correctly with release of Windows 10 Anniversary Edition - a functional replacement has been added.

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