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Manner of Death: Homicide The term Homicide as it relates to a Coroner Investigation is a neutral term and does not imply any criminal intentions.

It is simply defined as any death which is not an accident or suicide and where a volitional act was directed toward the decedent that leads to their death.

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Additionally, PCP’s effect on individuals is varied based upon its concentration, how it was ingested, and the particular individual using it.

The amount of PCP found in Raymond Johnson’s blood, 0.142 mg/L, is at a level consistent with other fatalities involving PCP where there was no other apparent reason for the death.

Mode of Death: Involved in a physical altercation with Law Enforcement while under the influence of an illicit substance while suffering from Hypertensive Cardiovascular Disease.

Refer to Riverside Sheriff’s Department, Central Homicide Unit for further details.

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