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Les statistiques varient selon les critères, mais il n'est pas faux d'avancer que les personnes intersexuées forment 1,7 % de la population mondiale.«J'ai été chanceuse, ma mère a insisté pour que je ne subisse pas d'intervention chirurgicale à ma naissance», souligne la dame de 39 ans qui, à 17 ans, a néanmoins décidé d'entreprendre un processus visant à normaliser son corps.

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The first salamanders described, this diverse genus of species and subspecies can be found throughout Europe and the Near-East. It is known they can retain sperm, but this is an incredible length.

They are the animals that first come to mind when most people hear the word "salamander". Having kept,and observed Fire salamanders in their natural surroundings for 40 odd years, I have always marvelled at how variable a species/sub species can be,from even remarkably close localities. and S.s.terrestris.) Therefore,when a male S.s.gallaica died after 20 years in captivity,and I did`nt have a replacement adult from the same locality, I kept her singly,for 3 years,whilst growing on her future mate. This is obviously due to her retaining sperm from a mating 4 years previously. It is a good explination how new populations can start with just one salamander (and therefor all animals look more or less like the mother)!

I don't think many people have the experience, because most people don't keep single animals for so long. greetings, Serg Hi Serge, My records show that she produced 15 viable larvae the first year, numbers decreasing to 12 and 5 larvae in subsequent years. I know there is some literature on this so, you can put that together and write a short piece if you want (or we can do it together if you are not the writing type...;-).

I assume that any unfertilised ova were consumed by the remaining developing larvae. But let's wait until spring and see then what happens.

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Mais il y a une chose à propos de cet animal de compagnie qui le distingue : Mitens est un hermaphrodite.

Une mère de famille raconte Colleen Clarke-Murphy affirme qu’elle a été choquée lorsque son vétérinaire lui a dit que son chat avait à la fois des organes génitaux masculins et féminins.

Cette révélation a été obtenue après un examen en octobre fait de Mitens un chat unique au pays.

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