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A lustful nurse currently dating Armando Torres, who has been in relationships with Luis Lopez, Henrique Bardas, and even Elizabeta Torres.

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The characters that appear in Grand Theft Auto IV are relatively diverse and relative to the respective boroughs of Liberty City they are based in, belonging to various gangs and ethnic groups.

The player controls Niko Bellic, an immigrant from Eastern Europe.

Lizzy Elizabeta Torres, a head of drug distribution around the city. Gerry Gerald Mc Reary, Packie's brother, heads Irish-American crime in Dukes. Gracie Gracie Ancelotti, daughter of the head of the Ancelotti family. Peg James or Jimmy Pegorino, head of the Pegorino family.

Packie Patrick Mc Reary, Irish-American criminal in Dukes.

According to Dan Houser, "virtually none of the characters from the previous games returned, as the GTA IV era is set in a parallel universe compared to the GTA III era.

Unlike previous games in the series, the voice actors of Grand Theft Auto IV do not include notable and high-profile celebrities, instead opting for lesser known actors such as Michael Hollick, Jason Zumwalt, Tony Patellis, Moti Margolin, Ryan Johnston, Thomas Lyons, Frank Bonsangue, Timothy Adams and Coolie Ranx.

=============================================================================== CHARACTER KEY (#charkey) =============================================================================== Some names don't cut down into an obvious 7-letter-or-less nickname. Faustin Mikhail Faustin, co-head alongside Dimitri. Brucie Bruce Kibbutz, auto enthusiast and certified winner.

Here's the listing of all significant characters in the game, in order of appearance. Bulgar Rodislav or Ray Bulgarin, powerful Russian crime lord from Europe.

Although the game's nearly 6 years old so I guess most things about it are already known, but then again I always discover something new.

Maybe there could be a few things not everyone knows, but either way it's still cool to discuss. -It's possible to use the internet Cafe before "Logging On" thus contradicting Niko's claim during the mission that he hasn't logged on "here" yet.

W poradniku do gry GTA IV znajdziesz szczegowy opis wszystkich misji gwnych oraz pobocznych.

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