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PQA File 751(1) Information Regarding SSL-ized Connections 751(1) from Handheld Devices Summary 752(1) Chapter 25 Configuring a SPAM/Junk Mail 753(10) Control Solution Is SPAM Really a Problem?753(1) Group Wise 6.5 SPAM/Junk Mail Solutions 754(8) Implementing GWIA-Based SPAM Solutions 754(5) Implementing Client/Mailbox-Based SPAM 759(3) Solutions Summary 762(1) Chapter 26 Configuring Group Wise 763(14) Authentication via LDAP Understanding the Value of LDAP 763(2) Authentication LDAP Authentication and Group Wise External 765(5) Entities How LDAP Authentication Works 765(1) How to Configure LDAP Authentication 766(1) Step-by-Step Instructions for Enabling 766(4) LDAP Authentication e Directory LDAP Server Tips 770(1) Testing and Confirming LDAP Authentication 771(1) LDAP Authentication Troubleshooting Tips 772(1) Creating Fault Tolerance 773(3) LDAP Server Pooling 773(1) Other LDAP Authentication Options 774(2) Summary 776(1) Chapter 27 Securing Your Group Wise System via 777(22) SSL Understanding SSL Architecture 777(2) SSL Encryption Using a Symmetric Key 778(1) Method SSL Encryption Using Public Key 778(1) Infrastructure (PKT) Public Key Infrastructure and a Novell 779(1) Environment Configuring and Signing Certificates in 779(19) e Directory Administrator's Workstation Prerequisites 780(1) Generate a Private Key and a Certificate 781(1) Signing Request for the Private Key Generate a Public Key from the 782(3) Certificate Signing Request Securing Group Wise Agents That Use 785(5) Certificates and Key Files Enabling SSL for POA to LDAP Server 790(5) Communication Enabling SSL for Group Wise Messenger to 795(3) LDAP Server Communication Summary 798(1) Chapter 28 Restoring Deleted Group Wise Users 799(24) The Scenario 799(1) Recover and Restore 800(1) Sort and Restore or Archive 800(1) Recover and Restore a Users Account 800(7) Prerequisites 801(1) Bringing the User Back 801(1) Restoring the User's Mailbox 802(5) Import and Restore or Archive a Users 807(3) Account Prerequisites 808(1) Bringing a Group Wise Post Office Back 808(1) from Backup Installing and Configuring the Group Wise 808(2) 6.0 Import/Export Utility Strategies for Determining a User's FID 810(1) Bringing the User Back 810(12) Import the User's Object 810(3) Obtaining Access to the User's Message 813(3) Store on the Backup Post Office Exporting a User's Mailbox 816(4) Importing a User's Mailbox 820(2) Summary 822(1) Chapter 29 Configuring a Group Wise Messenger 823(18) (Instant Messaging) System Architectural Basics 823(2) Client Software 824(1) Server Software 824(1) Administration Software 824(1) Directory Software 824(1) Configuration Files 825(1) Creating a Basic Group Wise Messenger System 825(4) Preparation 825(1) Server and Administration Installation 826(3) Starting Your Group Wise Messenger Agents 829(3) Installing the Group Wise Messenger Client 832(8) Understanding the Group Wise Messenger 833(1) Client Installation Files Installing the Group Wise Messenger Client 834(1) from the Group Wise Messenger Software Distribution Directory Enabling Client Installation from a Web 834(3) Browser to the Group Wise Messenger Agent Installing the Group Wise Messenger Client 837(3) Along with the Group Wise 6.5 Windows Client Installation Summary 840(1) Chapter 30 Secure Messaging 841(52) Sending E-mail Across the Internet 842(1) Overview of How to Secure Messages 843(6) Non-SMTP System Connections 844(1) Securing the SMTP Channel 845(1) Working with Web-Based Systems 846(1) Securing Individual Messages 847(2) Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) 849(15) PGP Products 850(1) PGP Basics: An Overview 851(3) Installation of PGP Desktop 8 854(4) Using PGP for Group Wise 858(2) Sending a PGP Encrypted Message 860(3) Receiving a PGP Encrypted Message 863(1) S/MIME 864(23) S/MIME Basics: An Overview 865(4) Preparing Your Environment 869(2) Configuring Your Environment 871(15) Combining Encryption and Digitally 886(1) Signing S/MIME Messages Summary: What Do You Need to Do?886(1) PGP and S/MIME Compared 887(3) The Tovaris Solution: The Easy Way Out 890(1) For More Information on Securing Messaging 890(2) Summary 892(1) Chapter 31 Group Wise Backup and Restore and 893(24) Using the Group Wise TSA Backup Made Easier 894(1) What Is the GWTSA?

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Also, you will likely have many Trash items after this.

I recommend leaving the efficient Auto-Archive Trash function to do the cleanup, as deleting many items from Trash at one time (especially if you are using Cache Mode) will be time-consuming.

Many organizations are moving to Linux and open source environments, and Group Wise is now available on the Linux, offering the same functionality it does with Net Ware. EXE from a Network Drive Network Installation Requirements Scenario Network Installation SETUP. INI Changes Testing and Finalizing the Network Installation Distributing the Group Wise Client via ZENworks Creating a SETUPIP Group Wise Client Distribution System Creating the SETUPIP.

This book meets the needs of both Novell clients learning to manage the Novell move to Open Source technology, as well as the Open Source audience that has flocked to Group Wise, making it the #1 choice for Linux users. The Post Office Directory Structure How Input and Output Queues Are Used The Function of the OFUSER and OFMSG Directories The Purpose of the OFFILES Directories Storing Libraries in the GWDMS Directory Structure The Core of the Messaging System The User Database Contents of a User Database Message Database Content The User Database/Message Database Relationship Binary Large Objects (BLOB Files) The Purpose of the Deferred Message Database How Prime User Databases Are Made Using the Mailbox Index to Find Mailbox Items Keeping Track of Databases with the Guardian Database The User and Message Database Relationship The Group Wise Document Management System Shared Document Management Services Database (DMSH) Library Directories and Naming Conventions Document Reference Relationships For More Information Summary II. EXE Client Utility Configuring the SETUPIP Host Web Server Upgrading the Group Wise Client via a Network Drive The Auto-Update Algorithm Upgrading All Users on a Post Office with a Mapped Drive to the Group Wise SDD Upgrading the Group Wise Client with SETUPIP Adding Grace Logins Before a Forced Upgrade Forcing a Windows Registry Change Through SETUP. Understanding the Directory-Level Move of a Group Wise User Object Determining When a Move Is Pending Understanding the Chronology of the Move-User Process Moving a Group Wise User Assessing the Success of a User Move Using the User Move Status Utility When Something Goes Wrong The User Moved, but None or Only Some of the User's Messages Moved The User Moved, but the User's Password Was Lost Other Features of the User Move Status Utility Tips for Moving Many Users Summary 14.

Restart the client to verify that all corrupt messages have been removed.

Here's a chance to share your experiences using Group Wise.DB Files 684(4) System Maintenance: Validate, Recover, 684(3) and Rebuild General Notes on Repairing Post Office 687(1) Databases Fixing WPDOMAIN.DB Files 688(3) Fixing Group Wise Directory Anomalies 691(2) Without Rebuilds Synchronize the User 692(1) Edit the User 692(1) Remove Group Wise Specific e Directory 693(1) Attributes How Group Wise Directory Changes and Objects 694(5) Are Replicated Understanding a Scenario 694(1) Understanding the File Flow and Logic 695(4) Best Practices for Working with the 699(1) Group Wise Directory Bulletproofing the Group Wise Directory 699(2) Understanding the Administration System 701(3) The Group Wise Snap-Ins 701(2) Understanding the Group Wise Admin Thread 703(1) Summary 704(1) Chapter 23 Troubleshooting Group Wise 705(32) The Five Most Common Group Wise Errors 705(5) D107-Record Not Found 705(1) 8209-Path to File Not Found 706(1) C05D-Dependent Store Does Not Exist on 707(2) Disk C067-Store Number Is Invalid 709(1) C022-Database Damage 710(1) Using the Scientific Method 710(1) Observation Tools 711(1) Group Wise Error Codes 712(4) 82xx Errors 713(1) 89xx Errors 713(1) Cxxx Errors 713(1) Dxxx Errors 713(1) Exxx Errors 714(1) Using the Error Classes 714(1) The Complete List of Group Wise Error 715(1) Messages Using Three-Step Mailbox Troubleshooting 716(2) Synchronize the User 717(1) Structurally Rebuild the User's Database 717(1) Analyze/Fix and Repair the Contents of 718(1) the User Database Determining Problem Specificity 718(9) Determine Whether the Problem Is 718(1) Machine-Specific Troubleshooting Machine-Specific Problems 719(2) Troubleshooting User-Specific Problems 721(6) Generating a Fresh User Database Without 727(9) Losing Items Exporting a User's Mailbox 727(6) Importing a Users Mailbox 733(3) Summary 736(1) Chapter 24 Using Wireless and Handheld 737(16) Devices with Group Wise 6.5 Web Access Understanding Templates 737(7) Out-of-the-Box Templates Included in 738(2) Group Wise 6.5 Managing Templates Through the Group Wise 740(3) Web Access Defining User Interface and Browser Integration How the Web Access Application Detects 743(1) Which Templates to Use Accessing Your Group Wise Mailbox from 744(2) Pocket PC Device Defining a New Browser User Agent Type 746(1) Accessing Your Group Wise Mailbox from a 747(2) Wireless Phone Accessing Your Group Wise Mailbox from a 749(2) Palm OS Device Thais Web Clipping Compatible Generating a New Palm *.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Die Software ist jetzt verfügbar und bietet exakt dieselbe Absicherung wie der GWAVA SMTP Scanner.

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