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There's a Manga version of the Gossip Girl book series. Ed Westwick, who plays Chuck, originally auditioned for the role of Nate. Producers didn't want Ed Westwick for either role at first because they said he "looked more like a serial killer than a romantic lead."13. He turned it down twice before he was convinced to take it. Westwick, who is British, modeled Chuck Bass' American accent on the character Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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My age-inappropriate love affair with episodic teenage melodrama goes back to, I believe, Dawson’s Creek. Every time they broke up again, it was eye-rollingly stupid; Michael and Maria rocked that show, because when they broke up incessantly, it made total sense: they were both just insane.

True, when those plucky Capesiders were first talking themselves into a frenzy of polysyllabic introspection, I was not long out of high school myself, but out of it nonetheless. I was also a big fan of the little-explored Isabel/Alex thing... It's as gripping as Chuck and Blair, but way wittier, classier, and -- although it feels somewhat wrong to be saying this about these youngsters -- hotter. (I started out as a fan of the novels.) Thanks for the recap. Post Script, Following New Episode (SPOILERS): Somewhere up high in their eyrie, Josh Schwartz and his team of mischief-makers are rubbing their hands and laughing as they joyously yell "Psych! It now looks like Dan and Blair are over before they ever really began (or are they?

Beautiful dresses, fancy appetizers we probably can't pronounce, dessert bars, awesome music -- we love it all!

But when it comes to hosting, no one knows how to throw a party quite like the characters of "Gossip Girl." Throughout six seasons of the CW teen soap, this fictional pack of privileged Manhattanites attended some of the most exclusive soirées in New York City -- and they all of them.

Eventually, they went with the (then) lesser known actresses Leighton Meester and Blake Lively, because they 'captured the essence' of the stories.

Ed is actually from Hitchen, just outside of London. Two of his songs were featured in the season one episode, ' School Lies.' They were home-schooled together as 11-year-olds.

Takes place after Davos sends Gendry off to Essos (assuming he takes up the role of Edric in full) Summary: Gendry has been shipped to Braavos and is under the protection of Lord Ollie, a wealthy nut merchant. Darcy angst and introspection to tide you over until episode 61. It's mostly Max and Liz, but it will have Maria and Michael.

What William Darcy did immediately following the events of episode 60 and what he was thinking while he did it. More often than not, Blair and Chuck have conversations that Blair later edits out of the perfect movie that is her life, never to be remembered again. Nate/Serena, Chuck/Blair and my favourite two artistic weirdo peas in a pod, Dan/Vanessa. "In a wonderful, roundabout way, it's all come full circle." Oneshot. This fic has to do with Max and Tess being together, Alex acting strange, This is about the aliens' past lives. This is only the first chapter, I'm working on the rest.

My Ships: Chuck/Blair, Dan/Vanessa, Serena/Carter, Rufus/Lily (How would things have been different if Blair had spent the night in Chuck's suite instead of going home after their infamous limo ride? How would they have found their way back to each other? But will their relationship be able to withstand the biggest challenge that they've faced yet? There is no war, but if there is peace in Westeros, it can hardly be felt... future fic, book spoilers Sometimes, without realizing it, we inflict our own punishments. Desired by many and envied by all, Blair seems above reproach...until the one person with the power to ruin it all returns with his heart set on her destruction. Chuck and Serena find out about Dan and Blair, and hatch a scheme to break them up by revealing a long-kept secret from their past.

Season 1 slightly rewritten from "Seventeen Candles." CB, TV Universe. At other times, we feel entitled to inflict them on others. Because no matter how simple the contract made it seem, selling out yourself or your girlfriend is a much bigger deal than either of them considered."I love you without knowing how, or when, or from where." On the night of The Truce, Chuck is in an accident that wipes out his memory of the last three years.

Währemd Nate Archibald nach der Trennung von Blair nie wirklich wieder zur Ruhe gekommen ist und sogar für einen Sommer etwas mit seiner alten Affaire (und Blair’s bester Freundin) Serena am Laufen hatte..

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