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How can i contact her without paying the sign up fee? She lives far away so i'm not sure how things will work out, that's why i don't want to pay to sign up.

Perhaps adding a feature which I believe was considered but never added was allowing couples to log in separately but using the same profile would have a positive effect on the site.

It could also possibly be better then that shrek rubbish for proving that couples are genuine.

What would have an effect on the pricing would be suitably discrete advertising, charging people for advertising commercial events.

Maybe some efficiency savings need to be made – losing some of the sites lesser used functions and further advances in the sites features – fixing the searches so they actually work and aren’t clogged with defunct unused profiles.

At the end of the day the new site owners agreed to never charge the original site members, and so if this was part of the contract of sale they are tied to it, and only by gaining the permission of all the "free members" would this be able to be changed.

As you said the numbers of free members would not really have any effect on the site fees – and would probably in effect only knock a pound off if that.Localised rooms or rooms for specific meet types etc are often full of people sat there not chatting but viewing and wanking over the cams.I want to contact someone who is sending me smiles on a dating site!This is my second choice purely because it offers professional models in studios.So if you’re into your upper class chatting, then this is the site for you.You absolutely need to see her real life, un- touched photos, before you either spend thousands on paid chat or flying to another continent for a personal meeting (assuming she is there when you arrive).

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