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If the camera is just sitting in position any actions the character performs will not adjust the camera movement accordingly.

Have you tried creating a new socket using the same bone as the current 'Head' socket but offset to be further forward?

Then move the camera so it lines up perfectly with the actual character, similar to this screenshot I found: You will also need to modify the controls so the character moves correctly with the camera, but that is the basic setup.

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It's still a work in progress though so it might not work exactly how you want yet.

Understanding these concepts is vital to understanding the following tutorial.

========================================­========== ============== End Of Tutorial ========================================­========== ============== Extra Info: If you are unfamiliar with custom skins, a few things to keep in mind.

Custom skins installed affect your computer only, people you play with will not see them unless they install the custom skin as well.

It also takes full advantage of the Get Actor Pitch and Set Actor Pitch functions for a fully three dimensional chase cam. //solarsnowfall #include "zcommon.acs" #define C_TID 1000 //Default camera tid #define MAX_R 128 //Maximum radius (or distance from the player) #define ADJUST_R 8 //Amount to adjust the camera by #define VIEW_HEIGHT 41.0 //The approximate height of the player's view bool cam_mode[8]; //Variable for turning the camera on or off.

I got Permission from the Creator to Upload it here and in my Website so here you guy's go So enjoy Share and go Sub to his Channel and His video showing the Mod of

v=LA-WP4RLUNM so go there thank him for this In this video (you can delete it once you hand it over to SIU) Step 4: In the "Add New Skin" tab of SIU (from step 2), click "Add Files" and then direct it to the zip file you downloaded (Step 3).

v=ykon Qx Oy5y0 i will show you how it looks in a Custom map called Noxus using a Custom Model skin for Nidalee called Nyan Cat Note it still in it's Beta version stage so it will also be updated a bit in the weeks or day's to come and will keep you up to date on it the Camera sometimes has a Shaky effect when you choose certain Champion's To Download The , Noxus Map mod and Nyan Cat Nidalee Mod for League of Legends Link is subscribe to me on Facebook or add me Facebookpage Music Used from For the Noxus map and Nyan Cat nidalee to install Instructions is ========================================­========== ============== Installation Tutorial ========================================­========== ============== Step 1: If you have not already done so, download and extract SIU ( Step 2: Open SIU, let the progress bar at the bottom complete while it scans your league of legends directory to find out where each file goes. Either Follow the prompts, or click the "Add to database" button.

For example, when the player looks down they see the characters legs, or when they run, they see the arms of the character moving.

(sorry if this is in the wrong place) That would be "True FPS Mode", I have seen a couple tutorials, but basically to do this you would want to start with the third person template, go into the My Character blueprint components and delete the "Camera Boom"component. Here is what I did, it works pretty well - Make the Camera a child of the Mesh - In the camera details use the search button for sockets and select the 'head' socket - Enable "Use Pawn Control Rotation" - Move the camera 10 forward on the Y axis - Rotate the camera X= -90 Y=0 Z= 90 Compile save the blueprint, and hit play, everything works.

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