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"It's his thing," Eva said during Tuesday's head-to-head gameplay.

Jacobson exhibited a calm stillness throughout the two days of poker playing.

He was the only player of the final nine to have earned more than $1 million in World Series of Poker career earnings at tournaments.

But he had never won the top spot, coming in second in some cases, until Tuesday when he won the most watched contest in the tournament.

In an episode recorded on January 18, 2017, Cate Hall chats with Joey about the upcoming match, and the old friends catch up.

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A Swedish man who got his start playing online poker after late nights while he trained to be a chef is million (£6.28m) richer after winning the top World Series of Poker main event prize on Tuesday night.

Martin Jacobson, 27, had three tens to beat Felix Stephensen of Norway and his pair of nines.

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