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Even ‘freephone’ 0800 numbers were expensive to call by mobile until 1st July this year – this is why so many companies now offer alternative 03 numbers for mobile users.

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Say NO to: 118, 09, 0870, 0871, 0872, 0873 (premium-rate phone numbers) Say MAYBE to: 0843, 0844, 0845 (business-rate phone numbers) Say YES PLEASE, THANKS A LOT to: 0800, 0808, 01, 02, 03 (freephone and local-rate geographic numbers) Note: We’ve spent so long researching which companies you’re trying the hardest to contact by phone, so next time you’re thinking of searching for a phone number, come here first: Contact Numbers.

Guru Have you ever had a problem with a major high street store or website, and tried to contact them only to find their ‘contact us’ page full of FAQs but no phone number to call?

When calling a mobile number from a landline phone you should always dial the whole number eg 077 XXXXXXXX. 2.8 The cost of calls from mobile phones is often more expensive than calls from landline phones (eg your home phone), and call charges vary from one mobile company to another, and all offer many different call packages. 2.9 If you are on a mobile tariff that is distance related (for geographic calls) ie.

calls to the code area you are calling from are different to calling other code areas, and you are making a call from your mobile, the nearest mobile station will identify your location, and you will be charged accordingly for the call. 2.10 Pagers or "bleepers" are different to mobile and landline phones in that they can only be used to receive text messages or alerts.

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All call are recorded and calls cost £1.53 per minute unless stated otherwise next to the number.

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