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morning show to promote new music and talk returning to the rap scene after a bit of a hiatus.

In the middle of the interview, Charlamagne touched on a recorded comment Fredro made back in the day about having a relationship with former co-star Brandy, detailing their sexcapades. N—as get p—y sometimes,” he said, telling Charlamagne that they had an issue, “Because the way you brought up some s—t on some slick s—t. Luckily the hosts, including Charlamagne, were able to calm things down long enough to continue on with the interview.

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In the end, the girl he is trying to woo simply uses him for a free meal. Or are they just attracted to the girls they know won’t give them the time of the day?

It’s an issue that has been examined countless times through film, TV and in song.

Onyx split with Def Jam Recordings after their 1998 release Shut 'Em Down & temporarily broke up. Onyx reunited the next year and released Bacdafucup Part II.

Starr has also contributed to the soundtracks of Sunset Park & Light It Up.

After more than a year of hype, promotion, and anticipation, Keith Murray and Fredro Starr finally battled.

Yesterday, the October 4 battle at Brooklyn, New York’s Milk River saw the two 1990s major label stars from their crews (Def Squad and ONYX, respectively) square off in a crowded boxing ring.

The majority cited the mismatch of his trademark ‘dark visuals’ vs the colourful… The newly wed couple, real names Clifford Harris and Tameka Cottle, were detained for “possession of a control substance”.

Fred Scruggs (born April 18, 1971) better known by his stage name Fredro Starr, is an American rapper and actor, best known as a member of hardcore hip hop group Onyx. In 2000 Starr along with Jill Scott contributed to the soundtrack of Save the Last Dance for the lead single of the movie "Shining Through".

On October 17, 2013 Fredro Starr revealed that he almost signed with Death Row Records.

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