Female hot chat

I have known one female who came in every four months like clockwork.

I have known others who came in once a year or less. This varies dog to dog and is why some breeders attempt to progesterone test to help pinpoint fertility (testing is not 100% reliable but can help).

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Meanwhile, I would like to know why there is so much relish — which frankly looks like a layer of lettuce — as compared to ketchup and mustard atop the dog.

Having programmed last year's Hot Docs industry conference, Reardon – who wrote a heavily circulated TIFF essay last winter about expanding the Canadian film canon beyond the dominant white-male perspective – was tapped to do just that for Redux, assembling a selection of Canadian documentaries made by women. Instead of seeing these films as niche [productions] because they're directed by women, we wanted to place them in conversation with the broader film canon, where we believe they belong.

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For example, if I held out my hand where the hot dog appears, it would stick to my hand.

It would appear the birth of the hot dog meme traces back to this tweet from July 4th.

The youngest is about six months of age though sometimes a female will come into season younger.

First heat can start as late as 12 or even 14 months of age or later in rare cases. Again, this varies dog-to-dog average is every six months but it could be more or less often.

Redux's aim is bringing "documentary gems back to the big screen," and this year we wanted to do it in the context of shedding light on docs directed by women that historically have been overlooked or undervalued.

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