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Although wasn’t a hit when it ran on NBC, the show offers some great dating advice that we can use in our relationships and love life, like how to know if you should save yourself for marriage and how to be a role model for your kids.

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Where I’d make the biggest change is sitting down with the guys and having them decide the bottom, I feel like there’s too much wiggle room for production to create drama, tension and send home someone the bachelor is still not ready to have leave by putting 3 of the top girls in the bottom.

Well, it turns out that at least one of them may have: Ernesto Anguello, the one who wasn't a rock "star" or a doctor, is now dating Eva Longoria.

“They have a lot in com­mon – they’re both from Texas, they’re close in age, they’re hardworking and driven, and they’re both gorgeous.

“Eva was so smitten she told Ben, ‘I should just take you for myself, but then I wouldn’t have a TV show! Hopefully they’ll listed to all of the feedback they’re getting from fans and rework the concept a bit, like: 1) allow the matchmakers to pick the contestants, but don’t have them as active participants on the show; 2) get rid of all of the live studio audience stuff; 3) get rid of the glowing cube elevators; 4) focus on just one or two bachelors; 5) include more candid footage of the dates, as opposed to 3 minutes of date footage followed by 25 minutes of analysis…..

You know, make it more like I disagree I think the appeal/charm of this is its NOT the Bachelor with more time & money spent on “fantasy dates”.

I enjoy hearing the matchmakers though they could cut down on their “pre date” talks, the analysis is interesting and sets this apart.

The three men who will appear on the show are Ernesto Arguello, a Miami entrepreneur, Ben Patton, a Dallas-based financier and Santa Barbara native Tim Lopez, guitarist for indie-rock group Plain White T's.

Longoria is said to have handpicked the eligible bachelors set to appear on the show.

She is now officially dating Arguello, one of three bachelors whose quest to find love was the subject of a new dating show on NBC.

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