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Employment application forms and pre-employment interviews are the appropriate instruments for eliminating, at an early stage, unqualified or unsuitable persons from consideration for employment.

However, applications and interviews can also be used to restrict or deny employment opportunities for women and members of minority groups. The guiding principal behind any questions to a job applicant is: Can the employer demonstrate a job-related necessity for asking the question?

"That's classified as fraud, waste and abuse," an EPA official told NBC.

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A police K-9 also found drug traces in a restaurant restroom.

Police say that a toilet tank was found stuffed with drug paraphernalia, although it is unclear if there were drugs inside, reported CBS Philly.

It might seem unusual, but it's becoming more common, largely due to how often workers change jobs nowadays. It used to be frowned upon if you switched jobs every couple of years or even changed careers more than a few times.

However, over the last 20 years, the number of companies people worked for in the first five years after they graduated has nearly doubled, according to a recent Linked In study.

It is, therefore, in an employer’s own self-interest to carefully review all procedures used in screening applicants for employment, eliminating or altering any not justified by business necessity.

This article is prepared in summary form and is not to be construed as legal advice or opinion on any specific fact or circumstance.One arrested employee had a half-pound of marijuana on his person (pictured)According to police, the arrested employee from the parking lot had a half-pound of marijuana on his person.Two face felony charges while two others face misdemeanor charges, police said.Based on a new investigative report by NBC Washington, the same committee is going to be talking about porn again very soon.According to the report, almost 100 federal government employees from 12 different agencies either admitted to or were caught watching "copious amounts" of porn at work over the past five years.In the more extreme cases, employees spent a significant portion of their days watching porn—one EPA employee admitted to as much as six hours a day, while a Federal Railroad Administration employee spent 252 hours searching for porn in one year.

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