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When Trina's tongue gets swollen and she can't do the singing, Tori's new friend Andre Harris (Leon Thomas III), tells Tori to fill in for Trina but she refuses.They force her on stage and, with the help of Andre, Tori receives a standing ovation from the crowd, and accepts the offer to join Hollywood Arts.

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She had appeared in this show from 1997 until 2000 as herself.

The show was very useful for Elisha as it kick started her career.

However, they soon find out that they weren't the only boys to do this, and there was only one girl in their class.

Jade and Tori are picked as partners to act out a fight scene for their stage fighting class but things go bad when Jade acts as if Tori actually hit her in the face with a cane.

Temporary facilities, to include the "I" dormitories, were quickly and hastily erected as a quick fix to house the new recruits.

During Vietnam, resourceful leaders split training shifts, increased flight sizes, and compressed training from 30 to 24 days to satisfy the urgency for military readiness.

In 1948, the facility was named Lackland AFB after Brigadier General Frank Lackland.

As a consequence of the Korean War training populations at Lackland soared.

Victorious is an American sitcom that originally aired on Nickelodeon from March 27, 2010 until February 2, 2013.

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