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"The best are the boys' ones; you can read them and imagine it! "It's funny." The amount, scope and terrifying imagination of Skins fan fiction is staggering, but E4's teen smash – about to start its fourth series – is the kind of programme that inspires serious dedication.

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I mean, I watch a lot of stupid shows on the regular with my nephew, like Yo Gabba Gabba, which will give your mind a seizure; and Thomas the Tank Engine, whose narrator thinks every time is the right time for a Sunday School lesson; and Wow!

The Stonem's house is Skins' proverbial Garden of Eden, and an anchor location in the early series. The pub has now closed it's doors, but you can still wander by it and imagine Skins in the glory days. In Naomi's series four episode, she and Emily ride their bikes through Abbot's Leigh.

" Effy from Skins, known to her parents as Kaya Scodelario, is sitting on the back of a catering bus in a car park in Bristol, explaining that the show's fanbase proves its devotion in unlikely ways.

The internet is awash with hormonal reimaginings of what the characters get up to in an alternate universe, and it usually involves manly hugging or fighting that turns into something altogether more sexual.

It was announced during the latter series that they would be the final generation and the show is to end in 2013; a movie had previously been given the greenlight but quickly headed into Development Hell.

Instead, the seventh series consisted of three two-part stories subtitled "Fire", "Pure" and "Rise", each focusing on what happened next to characters from the first two generations (Effy, Cassie and Cook respectively, with Naomi and Emily appearing in the first as well).

Abroad, the series airs on SBS2 in Australia and BBC America in the United States (despite not being a BBC show). Most of the attention it gained was on the back of the controversy it generated, with Moral Guardians accusing it of breaching child pornography laws and pressuring advertisers to pull their ads from the show (and they mostly listened, with eight sponsors pulling their ad revenue).

It also came under fire from critics for being what they saw as a poor imitation of the British show, especially in the acting and writing departments.

This time we meet them aged 20: the party’s over and they’re starting out as young adults, struggling to find direction in unforgiving times.

Their characters may be finding it tough to cope with the world of work but the future is looking bright for Skins leavers...

And changing the cast every second season means that actors have never outgrown their characters.

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