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She is staying with an English family but she is absolutely terrified,” a family friend told “She went to the police as the victim as one of the worst ordeals imaginable but she is being treated as the criminal.” Radha Stirling, the founder and director of Detained in Dubai, said the case a “tremendously disturbing“ example of long-running abuses in the holiday resort.

"Police regularly fail to differentiate between consensual intercourse and violent rape,” she added.

Teasingly framed, the steamy sex scene that followed featured shots of Basti slowly taking off Iris' bra, and more hot moments from the pair, leaving their fans online hungry for more.

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In his soon-to-be-released autobiography, Khullam Khulla, actor Rishi Kapoor opens up about meeting with one of India’s most-wanted men, Dawood Ibrahim, on two occasions in Dubai.

The first time the two met was in 1988, when the actor was invited to the gangster’s house in Dubai for tea.

A British tourist has been arrested and charged with illegal “extra-marital sex” in Dubai after telling police she had been gang raped.

The 25-year-old woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, was on holiday in the United Arab Emirates when she was allegedly attacked by two British men last month.

During their conversation, Dawood told Rishi that he did not drink or serve alcohol, he also said that he had only carried out petty thefts and got someone killed, but hadn’t killed anyone himself. I had landed in Dubai with my closest friend, Bittu Anand, for an Asha Bhosle-RD Burman night.

Dawood always had a man at the airport to keep him posted on VIP movement.

"Victims go to them expecting justice, and end up being prosecuted.

They not only invalidate their victimisation, they actually punish them for it." it was aware of the case and providing support to the woman and her relatives, as well as remaining in contact with local authorities.

The group is in contact with the woman’s family, who claim the two men took it in turns to rape her while filming the attack at a hotel.

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