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Recognizing all of the above, it quickly became apparent that the possibility of thinking (and acting) creatively within the organization would be slim, and consequently so was the possibility of affecting any kind of major change.

The people I worked with were lovely, despite the dysfunctions of the larger organization, so I tried to make the best of it for awhile.

I wonder if the discussion of so-called radical Islam is disguising the fact that male-dominated societies are at war with female-dominated countries.

Here, then, I present the following in defense of dating coworkers: If you have one of the above-described passion-based jobs, you’re there for a reason, presumably having chosen something that resembles a topic you spent four years studying in college and perhaps another few learning in grad school.

You chose that particular company to work for: it was a chance to grow, something that challenged you or contained some nugget of fascinating duties that made it more appealing than slinging books at the local Barnes & Noble. The last time I dated a coworker, we were both local news reporters at a scrappy small-town paper.

What is one of the main reasons otherwise healthy relationships crumble and deteriorate?

The Bundys take a vacation to near-beautiful Dumpwater, Florida and stay in a cut-rate motel where an ax murderer that hates tourists, shows up every five years since 1967, and redneck locals begin to make bets on who the psycho will strike next.

Should one of the villains fall, the other one grieving over their fallen lover is quite likely to initialize an Alas, Poor Villain scenario, and maybe even a My God, What Have I Done?

Should another villain start messing with the happy couple, it's usually played as a Kick the Dog moment.Usually, this signals a crossing of the Moral Event Horizon.If were faking it, expect them to show their true colors at the same time.When we get home, access to sex is strictly controlled by the woman.If the woman has additional preferences in terms of temperature, beverages, and whatnot, the man generally complies. But if I go to dinner with a female business associate, the story usually plays out the same way...course, these people villains, so you can never really be sure that one or both of them isn't just playing at being in love, in order to manipulate and use the other.

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