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The MC6000Mk2 is Denon DJ's next generation, flagship professional DJ controller and digital mixer.

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With this mapping, when Traktor’s Deck C or D is in sample mode, most Remix/Sample decks controls are accessed without having to use DECK CHG.

This reduces confusion by eliminating the need to change the controllers focus to use sample deck features and risk interrupting the DJ’s attention on the main track decks (A and B).

Not so here, with just enough space around everything to make it easy to use.

The fact that the controller is designed primarily for the mobile / professional DJ is clear from the outset.

The MC4000 continues Denon DJ’s mission of providing great professional controllers for working DJs, the kind of gear that sounds fantastic and that you can rely on night after night. Nothing has really changed as far as build quality goes here, with the usual high standard apparent from picking up the box, before you even open it: When you do, you see that this is a heavyweight device, sober and businesslike, in black metal.

The jogwheels are more Numark than Denon, but that’s fine – they’re completely solid with not a single sign of any “give”, and just the right amount of weight / tension to feel natural in use.

Update 2Nov2012: Minor Update for Traktor Pro 2 Ver 2.6: New Flux Mode, Auto Gain Control There is no need to use this update unless you have upgraded Traktor Pro 2 to Ver 2.5If you are using Traktor Pro 2.1.x, use the included TP2-2.1x 17Feb2012 version If you are using Traktor Pro 2.0.x, use the included TP2-2.0x 13Jul2011 version If your import is still not working, I would first try a quick test by going into the configuration editor making a small change to your existing config such as adding a comment to a line - Export your config - remove the change - then Import the file you I'm really glad that I finally found your mapping, but I still have some questions, maybe you can help me. The "thru" Buttons on the controller do not work any more...

Is it possible to swith out the blinki No Blink: Pref-Controller Manager-Device-Select: Denon MC-6000...-Delete all "Beat Phase Monitor" lines; Sample Play/Stop: Shift Samp. @ Altamira: I am working with 2 Trackdecks and 2 Sampledecks.

To say that Denon exceeded my expectations is an under statement!! Another thing to point out is that I'm using a maxed out Mac Book Pro (mid 2012 MBP OSX 10.8.5 2.6 i7 Quad 16GB RAM 750GB internal HD).

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