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Eating out, theater-going and sports bars had given way to home upkeep and garden weeding.

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“What’s the point of winning in a multiple bidding situation if you end up owning the wrong house?

Errors in selection can be costly both emotionally and financially,” says Mark Nash, a longtime real estate broker and author of “1001 Tips for Buying & Selling a Home.” Nash tells the story of one of his clients, a single man in his mid-30s, who bought a ranch-style house in the suburbs, against his inclinations. A property that would have been perfect for a family proved a poor pick for a man still on the dating circuit.

Competition for affordable entry-level homes in desirable neighborhoods remains intense, due to a shortage of available property. What’s worse is there’s no end in sight to the problem, says Svenja Gudell, the chief economist for Zillow, the real estate database company.

“Simple demographic change is contributing to incredibly high demand, as millennials reach their prime home-buying years and begin to enter the market in droves,” Gudell says.

Covers the high net worth dating circuit down to the specific parties and events to attend to meet wealthy men.- For the legions of buyers of Relationship and How-To books, this one delivers the valuable advice on finding a prosperous and successful husband that women really need.

I read this book for a Intro Communications Presentation.Fortunately, the upswing in value on the suburban house allowed the bachelor to invest his equity in a condo-apartment back in the city.But he still regrets the two dull years he spent in the suburbs.Competition among rival buyers is prompting some young home-buying hopefuls to consider properties they would otherwise have ruled out – like homes in rundown condition or those in neighborhoods not to their liking.But real estate experts fear this could one day lead to disappointment if they compromise too much.Pretty much blowing all competition out of the water, the app has helped to completely transform attitudes toward internet dating in recent years.

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