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Steel serial # 6260, Amp serial # C12446, amp and speaker production code JA (January, 1960), capacitors, tubes, and pot all dated late 1959. A one owner, completely original Fender Champ Steel and amp set. No modifications other than that the cloth insulation of the speaker leads were cut (not the wire, itself; and we can’t tell you why).

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Here's a Oahu Valso made Chicago 51 Tube Amp that sounds more than great. $999.991960's Ampeg Jet 12 in Museum Quality Condition. It's all Original with the exception of the replace leather handle.

If you want that tone, or a blues player, here's the tube wonder for you. Take a look at the pictures which speak for themselves.

There were two sets of inputs, one for two instruments and one for a microphone.

The mic input had a single volume control and the instrument input had volume and tone controls.

The speaker grill differs from those of the Valco Supreme amps (circular rather than squared off).

My understanding is that National was dissolved in 1941 and Valco emerged in 1942.

Billy Bclaire, one interesting historical tidbit is that Jim Lansing's company, Lansing Manufacturing Company, was located at 6900 Mc Kinley Avenue in south central Los Angeles from 1934 until after he sold the company in 1941.

I have an amplifier that was built by the Schireson Brothers in Los Angeles in the mid 1930s.

Amp: Serial # C-05705, Tube chart dated November 1957, all part codes date 1957. Light scuffing on the tweed covering, no tears in the grille cloth, handle is perfect.

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