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La tradition manuscrite du Livre III des 'Chroniques' de Froissart.

dating undated medieval charters-83

By using a data set that has dates attached, the researchers were able to compare their results with existing (and, presumably, accepted) data.

They based the algorithms on specific phrases that appear in charters and that vary over time.

Archaeologists, paleo-epidemiologists, and biological anthropologists have been using scientific methods to shed more light on the bacterial cause of the Black Death and the reasons for its rapid spread in the 14th century. The most famous is the Donation of Constantine, which was discovered to be a fraud by the fifteenth century.

Yet the use of computational algorithms suggests several questions that remain to be answered. It's not yet clear how a computer algorithm could help identify forged charters.

Scribal Behaviour and the Production of Manuscript Versions of Jean Froissart's Chronicles in Fifteenth-Century Paris.

The Online Froissart: A Digital Edition of the Chronicles of Jean Froissart.

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