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Sure, no one would be able to cry at chick flicks or sense when something’s wrong when you come home from work, but who cares? And after each bad relationship, I find myself retrospectively scratching my head, wondering how I could have been so blind.

The day you emulate your laptop will be the final day you look across the dinner table at your boyfriend and ask yourself, “What the hell am I doing with this guy? Ever ask your friends, “Now that we broke up, what did you really think about him? Upon which you learned that everyone unanimously felt he was a jerk since Day 1.

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“I was out with a group of friends at a local pub and there was a man there who was obviously interested in me,” says Debbie B., a 45-year-old engineer from Portland, OR.

“I wasn’t the least bit attracted to him but my girlfriend kept telling me that I needed to be more ‘open to the possibility’ of something happening.

These four women now belong to an elite club as they’ve all experienced a hidden facet of my personality whereby when I like-like someone… Friendly and flirty are my default, but when that switch is flipped… I courted each of these women for a progressively shorter period of time before I released the idea of them being a potential for a long term relationship.

I was pursuing Katie for about four months, Amanda for about 2 months, Sarah for 1 month, and Mrs.

Your brain can play tricks and your heart can be blind, but your gut is always right.” All things considered, last night’s jaunt was somewhat tame.

We ventured downtown for drinks with Aaron’s college friends who are now rockstar attorneys and biochemists.I’m sure my two-year hiatus from dating was beginning to concern her.” So Debbie ignored her gut and went on a date with the guy.Unfortunately, within minutes of sitting down to drinks, she was already looking for the door.I was put off, but when he called the next night, full of apologies, explanations, flattery and more apologies, I cautiously agreed to keep our date. Gavin De Becker’s The Gift of Fear talks about the “brilliant internal guardian” that warns you away from potentially violent situations and people.His premise is that you should always listen to what your gut is telling you.How do we end up with people who turn others off, but turn us on?

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