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In Rigvedic hymn 7.33.9, Vasistha is described as a scholar who moved across the Indus river to establish his school.

Vashistha is believed to have lived on the banks of Ganga in modern-day Uttarakhand.

Her background includes weight training, yoga, nutrition, weight management, body image issues and eating disorders.

Harvested all across the world, sage or Salvia officinalis, is an herb that is most commonly known as a popular culinary spice.

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Aish was founded to combat assimilation, alienation and indifference among Jews.

We welcome Jews of all affiliations, beliefs, and traditions. As educators, our goal is to re-ignite Jewish pride by teaching Jews about their heritage and its contribution to humanity. That’s because every Jew is in some respect "observant." Is there any Jew who does not give charity, honor their parents, and feel pride in the State of Israel?

Aside from giving your food flavor, sage can also be used for medicinal purposes.

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